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Neon Husky News Volume 13 #3

October 8, 2013

In this issue

1. Welcome to the Future
2. Too Many, Not Enough
2. New Products
3. Lucky 13
4. Holiday Shopping Reminder


You see them everywhere--those funny-looking squares with black and white markings. They are QR (Quick Response) codes and they are really cool. Their history and the way they work is worth the few minutes it takes to look them up on Wikipedia. But more importantly, they can contain all kinds of data that can be quickly scanned by today's smart devices.

We're using QR codes in a number of ways, but the one we like best is the block that appears on the bottom of our invoices. The caption below it reads "scan to unlock the mystery". When you scan that block with your favorite smart device, you'll be taken to a special page that contains an offer code you can use for future shopping on our website. There's a new code each month and each offer is good for 2 months. We're excited about this because it's a great way to reward our customers while using a fun and interesting method to convey the information.

We'll be experimenting with other uses for QR blocks, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know what mysteries they will contain.


We've just finished a major post-fest inventory and we've discovered that we have too many rechargeable poi balls, which means that you all must not have enough. To help remedy this, we're putting them on sale for a whopping 20% off through the end of October. No special codes needed.

Our Astrojax sale is still going on too--get big savings on everything in the Astrojax section!


Henry's Nite Flite Torches - These torches are well-built, comfortable to juggle, and they look fantastic! Available in 7 dazzling color combinations.

Walking Softly CD - Many of you may not know this, but Jim (the Head Husky) is a musician as well as the various other things he is. "Walking Softly" is his first release and contains about 25 minutes of original instrumental music on 6-string, 12-string and harp guitars. You can purchase a copy on the website or if you prefer digital media, visit Jim's Bandcamp page at and you can buy the music in whatever format you like. If you purchase a CD and would like it autographed, just add a note to your order.

4. LUCKY 13

On September 25th, Neon Husky celebrated its 13th birthday with a moment of standing still in the midst of preparing for the recent Portland Juggling Festival. Even though the biz has entered its teen years, we'll try to keep our confusion and angst to a minimum and just keep bringing artists and their props together.


Where has the year gone? It's already time to start thinking about shopping for the holidays. Remember that the earlier you shop, the more likely it is that your order will arrive in plenty of time to make someone happy. For delivery by December 25th, customers in the US should order by December 15th. For the rest of the world, December 1st is a really good idea.

Until next time, happy playing!

-- Jim & the Husky HQ Crew

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