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You Are Here: Main Section - Info Files - Acrylic Ball Grades
Acrylic Ball Grades

How do you buy an acrylic ball you've never seen before and know what you're getting? Consult this handy chart to see how we classify our acrylic balls. These grades apply to all types of acrylic balls (clear, colored, and UV-active).

Colored and UV balls may have bits of concentrated dye or imperfections in the UV reaction due to uneveness in the dyeing process and/or the defects listed below.

These balls are as good as you get without going to an optical shop and paying hundreds of dollars each. They are not molded, but machined out of 100% PMMA rod stock. They have no bubbles or dust particles inside the ball and are made to exacting specifications. When you need the highest quality, this is the ball to get. Made in the USA and sized in imperial measurements with a tolerance of +/- 0.002"
These balls are of superior quality but are not guaranteed to be perfect, though if you're on a budget this is an excellent choice for a high-quality ball. They are 100% acrylic with no hardeners or other resins. They are molded instead of machined for a tolerance of +/- 2mm. Sizes shown are nominal and these balls are metric. No artifacts, bubbles, or other marks. Suitable for isolations or just looking into.
These balls may have one or more of these qualities:

1. A few small bits of acrylic or other material from dust- to sand-size grains
2. Mold or other processing markings (often removable with polish)
3. Slightly imperfect surface, such as a small bump

Don't get the wrong idea about these balls, they look exactly like ultra clear balls at a distance of 1-2 feet.
These balls may have:

1. Salt-sized bits of acrylic, possibly hair-like strands of acrylic
2. Multiple dust- or sand-sized bits of acrylic
3. 1 or 2 small bits of colored or sparkly acrylic
4. Noticeable mold marks or flaws (bumps, tiny flat spots, etc.)
5. Very small bubbles
6. Clumps of colored dye (colored balls only)
7. Imperfect UV reaction (UV balls only)

These balls are perfect for practice, bounce juggling, or any treatment where the surface will be changed (painting, sand blasting, machining, etc.).

Discount-grade balls are sold "as is." Quantities are limited to stock on hand.
These balls are unacceptable, usually because they are not round (egg-shaped) or they have flat spots that don't allow them to roll smoothly. Other possible reasons are chips or deep scratches or clearly contaminated resin (discolored, many non-clear pieces, etc.). We return these to the manufacturer so they are not normally available for sale. If you have need of such balls, contact our sales department.

If you have any questions or comments about our grading system, please send email to

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