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Customer Cookbook

Our customers are some seriously creative people. They take our products and use them to make even cooler things to serve their specific needs. They are giving back to the community by sharing their ideas with the rest of us, so here are some of their ideas.

Fine print: These ideas and instructions are presented without warranty of any kind and Neon Husky, LLC assumes no responsibility for damages arising from the use of these instructions. Be advised that some modifications may void your product warranty, please check with us before you begin.

Do you have a cool idea to share? Let us know! Please include a detailed description of what you did and how you got there. Photos would be a big help too.

Aquarium Rain Stick


* NOTE: Silica gel can be toxic if swallowed. Be mindful of children, pets, and dumb adults.

I put my LEDs in plastic, and then fill my staff with water. The bubbles are an awesome effect. Then, to make it sparkle, I'll fill the staff part way with silica gel. Its like an aquarium rainstick!

I just use plastic baggie corners and tie the LED assembly inside. I place one assembly in one side, place the cap on, pour the water in through the other side, and then pour in the silica gel (i just cut open the packets that come in shoe boxes and use that) then i place in the other bagged LED assembly, and screw on the cap. I do this without the diffuser inside, mind you.

Submitted by: Adam Nelson Email this person

Streetlight Staff Multiplier

When working with a Streetlight Staff, try mixing up the modes within the staff. For example, if you have a size #6 staff (6 lights), try using trip mode in the end Streetlights and chase mode in the other 4. By trying different combinations you can create many different effects from the same prop.

Submitted by: Jim (the Head Husky) Email this person

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