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What our customers are saying about us

I must say I really like your store. I have found a lot of inspiration in the products you offer and found many new talents along the way. I really appreciate the creativity and art that you've grown in me through your products. So keep it up! :) -- I. Geyer, Billings, MT

I have to thank you so, so very much for participating in the Contact podcast. Your interview was a joy; it was nice to hear about and from the man behind the contact-famous Husky. I happened to be the winner of the $50 gift certificate to the store and got my new, shiny black acrylic a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. The feel is excellent, the color pure, and quality overall magnificent. I was already a loyal customer, but this has sealed the deal. You, good sir, do wonderful work. -- Deanna (Eosphere)

Thank you for consistently great service, fast delivery, and outstanding products. I haven't ordered from another site or shopped in a brick-and-mortar store since discovering Neon Husky. The selection and quality of the props I've ordered is second to none. Acrylics are beautiful, Sil-X balls have been a great find, and the Play CJ ball has become my go-to for practice and learning new moves. You've earned a loyal customer. -- Ed K., Athens, GA

I found Neon Husky through and through recommendations while watching some YouTube videos. The people who recommended you feel confident not only in your product, but in your customer service as well. Your reputation is well deserved. My first order with you and your subsequent follow-through confirmed all that I had heard. With that I placed a larger order - the very order in which I won your birthday celebration campaign. I can tell you that after having recently gotten some very bad news, this has raised my spirits. I am already planning a future order as my contact juggling skills grow. I will be sure to spread the word.

Thank you again and Happy Birthday Neon Husky! -- Chris J., NY

I just wanted to let you know that I got my order and it was great! I'm so glad that you were able to keep in contact with me and answer my questions. I felt much more secure in my order knowing that you cared enough to keep in contact with me, especially when you let me know ahead of time about the delay the juggling convention would cause. The Acrylic ball is perfect and much more beautiful than any picture can show! I'm very satisfied with both the product quality and the service you have provided me and you have acquired another loyal customer. I will definitely brag to my friends and family about your store. -- Suzanne S., Terre Haute, IN

Your responsiveness and fast delivery from the US has been appreciated and will pay off with more UK orders. Neon Husky obviously care about customer satisfaction so I will be sure to
recomend your products to other professional performers. The person I spoke to at your end was efficient, friendly and very helpful with our order. Keep up the good work it is always duly noted when companies care about their customers. -- Pyrosym & Jentheroo, UK

Jim, I just want to say thank you again for calling me today about the status of my Streetlight order. It is rare to get such excellent customer service so GOOD JOB!!

I was reading the "About us" section at your website and I was glad to see that you are taking your eye condition by the horns and "re-inventing" the wheel. I work for Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute and understand what it means to lose your sight. My thoughts go out to you, and if you don't mind, I'd like to use your story a bit in the counseling that I give to patients who are facing the loss of their sight. Your story is inspirational and shows that one does not have to just "sit and listen to the TV." Too many people just give up. -- Lisa B., Boise, ID

Thank you for the quickest delivery I've ever seen and the high quality products.
I'll be ordering from you again! -- Don E., Spring, TX

I have received the package with poi-equipment, everything is of great quality.
Thanks for good advise and fast delivery, it was a pleasure to buy from you. -- Fredrik, Norway

During the odd decade and a half that I've been a fire performer, my main focous has of course, been safety. It s with this in mind that I began looking at the product line of Neon Husky. What I found was a new standard in product quality. Upon speaking personally with Jim Dorman (Owner of Neon Husky) I came to realize that not only was he dedicated to making his props safe for performers and audiences alike, but his commitment to excellence extended to affordability as well. I proudly use Neon Husky fire props for my workshops, shows, and particularly for my safety demonstrations. August B. (former Fire Safety Instructor for Cascade Jugglers, Seattle WA)

I wish you infinite goodness and a prolific future. Your services make people happier than before, and you have also helped me, my woman and my brother to become healthier individuals. -- Spyridon C.

Received glow balls today! Very cool and I really like that they are soft (just in case! lol). Very pleased. Also, thank you very much for including the trainers! I very much appreciated your efforts and attention with this order. My son is now interrested in poi as well, so you will be hearing from me again soon to order his trainers and "what-not" too. -- Kristin S., Ocala, FL

Just wanted to send you a thank you for getting my order to me so quickly. I had planned to have my first burn this weekend but the friend whose poi I was supposed to use misplaced his while moving. You guys saved the day! And I have to say those squiggle glow poi are amazingly fun. *grin* -- John C.

From AOL Instant Messenger...
AquaticOrgy: hey there! i just wanted to tell you personally how satisfied i am with my latest purchase. I ordered a Sapphire Blue CJ ball. Very high quality and I love the color even more than I thought I would and i really aprreciate the super fast shipping for the holidays.

Heya... I need to complain about the Husky Chuks..... sorry...

They're... TOOO GOOD! :D they're fantastically made! I was worried they'd be rubbish but they look and work as if top quality! As well as the Steetlights! They RULE! :D -- Renamix, UK

I wanted to tell you that the order came through perfectly, and how awesome it is! This staff kit [Streetlight Staff Kit #2] is just wonderful, I want to thank you for making such a great thing. And i want to thank you for helping me with the purchase of it. I am in love with the streetlight already, it was love at first sight! -- Caspar S., Netherlands

I ordered 4 amber 3 inch acrylics from you a little over a week ago. I was so impressed with the speed and efficiency the order was processed with that I am pleased to order more products form you. -- John B., Newark, OH

Thanks! I realize that sometimes there are situations outside a business's direct and immediate control that ultimately impact an ability to meet a delivery commitment . Your recognition of this, as well as your concern for customer satisfaction, reaffirms your overall character as a business. I appreciate your attention to my order, as well as your response to my previous email. Rest assured, I will certainly do business again with your company based, if for no other reason, than your handling of this situation! I wish all businesses exhibited such character when unusual situations arise! -- Rick S., Aurora, CO

You guys are the bomb, thank you so much for getting our order done right and fast. Thanks to you we are now the most renowned dance troupe at our school. (And the ladies love it) -- Fire Pigeon, Bend, OR

Love the Streetlights and you ship very fast. I ordered on Thursday and got them the following Monday. I am impressed with your customer service too! -- Tamara R., Richardson, TX

Thanks a bunch, man. You've been awesome to us and your customer service is top notch. Really appreciate it. I've bookmarked your site for any future needs. -- Rob M., Worcester, MA

I had just ordered 4 contact juggling balls, 8 contact juggling cases, and 3 mystery boxes. Might I tell you that this has been one of the best orders I have ever filled. I have ordered from Dube, from and a few other well known sites. Yet, I am so impressed with Neon Husky. I was a little worried about the [black] contact balls I was going to buy, I assumed they'd be a translucent grey color. But I am so impressed. The balls are so beautiful, they look opaque. Furthermore, I decided to poke some fun around and buy 3 mystery boxes. I thought "Heyyyy, what the heck? Let's do it." I've got to tell you that this was the most exciting thing I got. I received fire poi heads, another contact ball, and a yoyo and yoyo booklet. I was so happy and so satisfied with my order. I will most definitely be ordering from Neon Husky again, giving out business cards, recommending you, and even filling a few orders of mystery boxes when I buy some more things. I thank you dearly, Neon Husky. You have made my day. -- John A., Bergenfield, NJ

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the product I recieved and I am even more delighted with the shipping and packaging of the product. I don't mind at all that you reuse fact, it makes me rather happy! It cuts costs to the customer and helps the enviroment. But completely aside from that, not only do you reuse use minnimal packaging while still keeping the product safe...few things annoy me more than over packaging. Then, as far as shipping goes...I live in Wisconsin...I recieved my package, using only priority mail, within 2 days...I have no idea how you pulled that off, but I am gratefull. Thank you guys for running a truly efficient and enjoyable business. -- Marissa C., Watertown, WI

My ball arrived today. I am sure you have heard it many times before, but pictures truly cannot convey the brilliance of an acrylic and this one is indeed beautiful. Thanks for all the support through the shipping trouble and of course you will always be my main recommendation to others. -- Kyle M., Ormond Beach, FL

Thank you for existing and committing yourself to your work. It's inspiring to hear about and a little mind-boggling at the same time. Been looking for someone like you ever since chuks found their way into my hands...

To the Head Neon Husky;
Beyond what must be
is what we just see
as shadow
inbetween the illumination
that we are,
light-bringers trapped in the incarceration
of our shine,
and our stars,
our imaginations,
yours & mine
flow like wine
to where circles and trails
sail along rails
along the pathways to where passions pale
into pulses of light & sound
in this life we've found
where the chains come around
and what we toss up
comes down
to these
twisted tied up hands,
somehow your visions I understand
and given the expertise you have at your command
it seems like us meeting might've been planned
or fated,
by the powers that be,
showering us in infinite possibilities
as we hit crowds with spectacles that aim to please
and become the receptacles
for the divine debris
of our dreams
and light streams
as we grow into the scene
lost in the language of luminescent sheen;
presently i believe we'll appreciate what us meeting means....
   -- DocFu, Chicago, IL

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