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You Are Here: Main Section - Info Files - How to Measure Your Poi
How to Measure Your Poi

All Neon Husky poi are custom-made to fit each individual to ensure
the best possible performance. There are two "schools" of poi length, the long school and the short school. Here's an overview of the two:

Short School - The poi are measured so that you can swing them inside the length of your arm. This lets you do a wider variety of tricks and the poi are less likely to tangle while you are spinning them. The poi move faster than with the long school, but the speed can always be regulated by moving your body to adjust for this. Most manufacturers of poi recommend this school, including us.

Long School - This method is often favored by firedancers for its slower speed and wider circles with less arm movement. The poi are usually much longer than short school, which takes away the inside-the-arm tricks but makes body wraps easier and slower. Whappage carries more impact with longer poi due to its greater momentum and the poi are more likely to become tangled during complex moves.

Whichever school of poi length you find best, we can make it for you. Here are some guidelines on how to measure the correct length.

Short School

Step 1 - Measure the distance from your chest to the base of your thumb (where it attaches to the rest of your hand) to the nearest half-inch. Click to see a diagram.

Step 2 - Enter this number into the length box when you order your Leashes.

Long School

Step 1 - Hold your hands in front of you at waist height. Measure the distance from your hands to the floor.

Step 2 - Subract 6 inches from the number you got in step 1.

Step 3 - Enter the result in the length box when you order your Leashes.

Our poi measurements include the ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE POI from the top of the handles to the very bottom of the clips, NOT JUST THE LENGTH OF THE STRING BIT!. If you want us to make your poi measured by the length of the material only, you MUST include a note letting us know this when you order.

If for some reason your poi aren't the right length for you, exchanging them is easy and painless. Just drop us a note and we'll help you with the process.

It's just that easy! For those of you wishing more difficult tasks, try doing site swaps or solving differential equations. For more on why we've chosen this measuring system, consult our FAQ list.

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