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You Are Here: Main Section - Info Files - Group Discounts
Group Discounts

We offer discounts for clubs, performance troupes, schools, dojos, and other groups. Usually these are in the form of discount codes that groups can share with their members, but we also offer discounts on large orders (over $500) so get your friends together and save on toys for everyone!

How It Works
A representative of your group emails us with the following information:
1. Name of your group
2. Contact person
3. That person's contact information (email, phone)
4. The group's web address (web page, Facebook, etc.)
5. A little background about who you are and what products you might be interested in*

* There are no specific prop requirements, we just like to get a feel for what your members like. This helps us adapt to the needs of the marketplace.

After we receive and review your information, we will contact you either asking for any more info we need or providing you with a coupon code that you can share with your members. Any of your members can use the code on any order, they don't have to combine orders (although it's fine if you want to do that to save on shipping). These codes have no expiration date, but we will periodically check in with the contact person to make sure the group is still functioning. That means if/when your contact person info changes, you need to let us know.

Special Event Codes
If your group is having an event and would like to offer a deal to participants, we can arrange a special limited-time discount code for use at your event. Regular group codes are NOT intended for this purpose. See below.

Discounts start at 10%. If your group is bringing in a lot of business for us, we will adjust the discount rate upward for your group.

How It Doesn't Work
We issue these discounts in good faith and we ask that they not be shared outside the confines of a specific group. If we find that group discount codes are being abused, we may cancel a group's discount.

Group discounts may not be available during certain promotions. In those cases, we will announce it in our newsletter.

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