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Credit Card Processing

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You Are Here: Main Section - Frequently Asked Questions - Ordering

What payment methods do you accept?
   Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards
   Money orders
   COD (Collect on Delivery) in the USA only (add $10.00 for processing)
   Western Union, MoneyGram (add $10.00 for processing)

My order didn't go through, but my bank says there's a charge on my credit card. What's up with that?
When a merchant receives an order, they send a request for authorization to the bank that issued your credit card. The bank sets aside the requested funds without transferring them anywhere until the actual request is sent by the merchant's bank. Once the request is received and verified, your bank transfers the funds to the merchant's bank. If the transaction does not go through for some reason, no authorized request will be sent and the funds will be made available again in 2-4 business days.

This situation also applies to multiple attempts at payment. If you try 3 times to pay for an order (due to errors in the information you enter on our secure form) and only 1 of those goes through, the other 2 transactions will show on your bank's records until they disappear for lack of authorization.

In either case, the thing to look for is a confirmation email from Neon Husky. This email will contain an order/invoice number and a summary of your order. If you are concerned about receiving more than one order, check the totals in this email to make sure they are correct. If your payment did not go through, you should not receive an email from us. Don't forget to check your spam mailbox before assuming your order didn't go through!

When in doubt, please don't hesitate to check with us. We can tell you the status of your order and payment in a few moments.

Are Buugeng sold in pairs?
No, they are sold individually. We try to put notes in LARGE PRINT on any product pages where this question may arise. Before you contact us with your questions, please make sure you have read the product page thoroughly.

Are Leashes sold in pairs?
All types of Leashes are sold in pairs except for Comet Leashes. Look for the large print on the product page, it will tell you how Leashes, Glowballs, and certain other props are sold (pairs, individually, etc.). When in doubt, contact us before placing your order so that you get what you need.

Do you offer discounts for my school/club/troupe?
Yes! Click here for details.

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