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Which stage ball is right for me?
For about 90% of all contact jugglers, 100mm (4 inches) is the best size. While that seems like a really big ball, its size actually makes it easier to control than a small ball. For body rolls, we recommend 125 or 130mm. There are a number of styles to choose from too, for more information consult our stage ball buyer's guide

How reliable/tough are your glow props?
Under normal use, all our glow props are quite reliable and should last for many years. However, it's important to point out that we are talking about things made from plastic and small electronic parts. If you drop a lot, smack your props against hard surfaces like walls, use glow props in simulated or actual combat or your playing style is aggressive, you may run into reliability problems with LED props in general. Remember that electronic parts where never intended to be juggled, so we are all doing the best we can with what's available.

For performers and those who need the highest reliability in their glow props, we recommend using practice props to avoid excessive wear on the LED props. We also suggest having a backup plan and/or spare props in case something fails to work, even if the reason is a faulty set of batteries. This recommendation works for all kinds of electronic performance equipment, not just juggling props.

What length should my poi be?
There are 2 schools of thought on this. For all the details and how to find the right measurement for you, read about measuring your poi.

Will the rechargeable Glowballs work with non-US power?
The best answer is: it depends. The power supply itself will work only with 110 volt AC power. If you don't have that kind of electricity where you are, you will need an adaptor to convert your power to 110 volts. We're not 100% sure about how the ball electronics handle 50Hz current as opposed to 60Hz current, but if you can use the power supply we ship, it should be fine.

It is possible to purchase your own power supply and try to match up the voltage. Here are the specs on the chargers we use: The output is 9 volts DC at 200 milliamps. The plug tip is positive and sleeve negative. 300 milliamp output is acceptable.

NOTE! Be advised that if you purchase your own power supply, we will not be able to provide warranty support for any electronics issues since we don't know what you will be working with.

How long do (insert glow or LED prop here) last?
Streetlight Max - 4-8 hours depending on the color and the mode you choose, and whether the entire time is in one chunk of broken up (on for 20 minutes at a time, for instance). All battery-powered devices will have varying life as batteries are not always very consistent.

Glowprops (Poi & Juggling Glowballs, Glowclubs, Glowrings, LED Assemblies & Diffuser Kits) - About 8 hours. Again, this depends a little bit on the color selected. Strobe balls will last less time due to the nature of the LEDs. We don't have accurate data yet but will post it when it becomes available.

Astrojax - We don't know yet. Testing is in progress and we will update this answer when we have information.

How long do your fire props burn?
That depends on a number of factors:
1. The size & shape of the prop
2. The amount of wick used
3. Age & condition of the wick
4. Type of fuel

Using a mixture of Coleman gas and charcoal lighter, you should expect a good burn time of 5-8 minutes or so. There are configurations where you will not see longer burn times, but you will see much larger flame. Your mileage may vary.

When will you have more Ultra Clear acrylic in (insert size here)?
The short answer: We can't say because we don't know.

The longer answer: When we get a shipment of balls from China, we don't know what grades are in the box until the balls have been inspected. When we have Ultra Clear balls available, they'll show up on the website. Some shipments don't have any Ultra Clear, some have quite a few. If you need a really nice ball in a timely fashion, we suggest our Water Clear balls as it may be a long wait until the right Ultra Clear comes along.

What is the right size contact juggling ball for me?
In general, you want the largest ball that you can comfortably hold in your hand. The larger the ball, the slower it will roll and therefore the easier it is to control. For most people, this is a ball between 3 and 4 inches in diameter. The accepted "standard size" for acrylic balls is 3 inches, though nobody is exactly sure why.

Are your acrylic balls imperial or metric size?
It depends on which grade you're buying. Our Water Clear balls are in imperial sizes, all other grades are metric. Estimations to other units such as 100mm=4.0 inches are there to help everyone get an idea of the size. Tolerance for Water Clear balls is +/- 0.002", for all other grades it is +/- 2mm or less, usually much less.

Are your acrylic balls really acrylic?
Yes. Our acrylic balls are made with 100% acrylic resin, no hardeners or other resins are used. Colored and UV-active balls are made by mixing dye into the liquid acrylic during the casting process. Water Clear balls are machined from 100% PMMA rod stock.

How much does a [insert size here] acrylic ball weigh? And why is there a different weight listed on another vendor's website?
The obvious answer is that there is more than one source for acrylic balls so not all stores have the same products. Some other reasons for differences are:
1. Different manufacturers use different materials
2. Imperial and metric balls will be different unless the sizes match exactly
3. Scales differ in accuracy

Here's a handy table for determining weight to size. Note that weights can vary slightly per ball due to small variations in size, coloring, sparkles, etc. If you require balls that are exactly the same size and weight, you'll want our Water Clear balls as they are made using a more precise method than the other types.

38mm 1.2 oz. / 34.0 g
44mm 1.9 oz. / 53.9 g
51mm 2.9 oz. / 82.2 g
57mm 4.1 oz. / 116.2 g
65mm 6.4 oz. / 181.4 g
70mm 7.8 oz. / 221.1 g
76mm 9.9 oz. / 280.66 g
82mm 12.8 oz. / 362.9 g
90mm 16.4 oz. / 464.9 g
100mm 23.2 oz. / 657.7 g
120mm 40.4 oz. / 1145.3 g

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