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You Are Here: Main Section - Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous

Do you have a store? Are you going to open a shop in Europe (or elsewhere)?
We do not have a retail store. Our location is a warehouse/shipping center, and is not set up for browsing. We do offer pickup services for our local customers and we are happy to speak with people in person if they have questions about our products. The best way to see and try things for yourself is to see us at a festival. Click here to see our schedule.

Even though we ship all over the world, we are still a small company so we do not have plans to open any retail outlets at this time. This helps keep our costs down which in turn helps keep prices down for our customers. How can you convince us to move to Europe and open a shop? Tell everyone you know to order from us! At the present time the majority of our orders come from the USA and unless that changes, it would not be cost-effective to relocate.

How did you come up with the name Neon Husky?
Huskies are Jim's favorite animals and he wanted to incorporate 'Husky' into the name of the company. From there, the search was on for the "perfect adjective." Many options were tried, and 'Neon' was the winner. In hindsight, we like to say that because we deal largely with illuminated and shiny things, neon presents the right kind of image. If anyone would like to suggest a more interesting tale for the name of the company, suggestions are welcome.

Why are they called Flaming Poodles, anyway?
It's a long and drawn-out story. The short version is that they were
named in honor of a character created late one night at the Lopez Island
Jugglefest in 1999. When we went to name our in-house fire props, "Fire Meteorites"
didn't have enough zing to it, and neither did anything else we could come up with. Someone suggested Flaming Poodles, and the name stuck. No animals were harmed in the naming of these props.
Note - Flaming Poodles are no longer in the catalog but we like to keep this question around to make the list more interesting.

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