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Featured Products

Our Price: $9.95 USD

A kendama that becomes an extension of your body. What new tricks will you discover?

Delphin Club
Our Price: $20.00 USD

Tough, well-balanced clubs designed for heavy use.

Colored Acrylic Ball - 100mm Blood Red
Our Price: $50.00 USD

We asked what people wanted, this is it. 4 inches of blood red acrylic. The deepest, richest 4-inch ball ever.

Body Rolling Ball - 125mm (J9)
Our Price: $20.00 USD

The ever-popular J9 balls. Great for body rolls!

Babache Twist Metallic Club
Our Price: $18.00 USD

These are some of the shiniest clubs we've seen, They look great, especially in the sun or under stage lights.

Comet Leashes
Our Price: $25.00 USD

Poi Glowballs that light up the leash part, too!

Colored Acrylic Ball - Aquamarine
Our Price: $12.50 USD

The color of a tropical sea, or the umbrella drink you sip while looking at one.

Henry's Cigar Boxes
Our Price: $19.95 USD

Henrys cigar boxes are beautiful, functional, and durable.

PX3 Vegas Club
Our Price: $24.00 USD

Highly-engineered clubs for amazing durability and jugglability.

Glowclub 1-piece
Our Price: $36.00 USD

Whether you want to swing LED clubs or juggle them for a lower price, these one-piece clubs are the perfect solution!

Vision Diabolo
Our Price: $15.00 USD

Big and visible, this diabolo is perfect for beginners and advanced players alike.

Mirror Stainless Steel Ball - 100mm
Our Price: $8.00 USD

So shiny you won't believe it, so big nobody can ignore it.

Zeekio Pegasus Club
Our Price: $15.00 USD

Great looks, excellent feel, and a fabulous price. The perfect step up from 1-piece clubs.

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