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You Are Here: - Chakus 1
Chakus 1
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Chakus 1
Special Offer
Our Price: $5.00 USD
Normal Price: $19.95 USD
You Save: $14.95 USD
% Saved: 74.94%
This video introduces American Style Nunchaku. It covers all the basic moves and addresses the fundamentals of learning & creating routines, including footwork. Techniques taught in Chakus 1 are listed below. The last 3 techniques in the Advanced Instruction section are for double nunchakus (two pairs). Region-free DVD, 49 minutes.

Basic Instruction


   Simple Up

   Inward Figure 8 Block

   Outward Figure 8 Strike

   Side Swing

   Arm Switch

   Around the Neck

   Around the Neck part 2

   Front Strike

Advanced Instruction

   Footwork Grid

   Side Swing & Step

   Strike & Pivot

Basic Combinations

   Combo 1 (first 4 moves)

   Combo 2 (inward 8 blocks)

   Combo 3 (outward 8 strikes)

   Combo 4 (ending #1)

   Combo 5 (ending #2)

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