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You Are Here: Main Section - Toss Juggling - Balls - Soft Glowball - Rechargeable - Customer Reviews
Soft Glowball - Rechargeable > Customer Reviews
Average Rating 5
Anonymous, Awesome stage balls

I bought the 5-pack of the 100mm Stage Glowballs. I initially was worried that they wouldn't fly true since they are hollow, or that they wouldn't have good diffusion, but those worries were unfounded.

These balls are GREAT. They juggle, feel, and contact almost exactly like Mr. Babache Matte Stage balls. Similar if not the same weight, great matte feel, and a good contact ball squish. They're so similar that I can continue to practice with my regular stage balls and have no learning curve when I switch back and forth.

They are very bright and look HUGE when juggled. I've never seen such striking glow balls. Regular size balls look silly up next to these wonders. I'll never go back.

They have a toggle switch instead of the older non-rechargeable twist switches (which I hate), and also instead of the pull out headphone jack style (which I expected). I like the toggle best because I can practice with them turned off. I'm a little worried that I'll lose the plugs that go over the switches. [Editor's note: Replacements can be purchased for a nominal fee.]

I have the strobe-style LED which is pretty awesome. I have the fade in some clubs of mine with I also love. Both are sweet.

Long story short - buy these balls, they are the best. Neon Husky also has amazing customer service. Something I've come to expect from Portland area juggle dealers. They shipped immediately and got here in two days. They also answered all my stupid questions. I had fully intended to return these balls for the smaller kind if they had even the slightest hint of untrue flight (but they flew great) and knowing that Neon Husky would have let me made me feel very confident in buying.

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