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You Are Here: Main Section - New Stuff! - Fiber Optic Glowhoop
Fiber Optic Glowhoop
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Fiber Optic Glowhoop
New Product
Our Price: $70.00 USD
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Fiber optics aren't just for kid's toys and spy cameras anymore. This latest edition of the popular Glowhoop is easy to use and should hold up to lots of heavy-duty hooping.

Each hoop uses 2 of the same LED assemblies used in Glowballs, Comet Leashes, and the Glow Staff. This makes it easy to change colors and make repairs with a minimum of expense.

Use 2 of the same color for a bright circle of light, or use 2 different colors and get a cool fading effect from one to the other with a mix of the two opposite the LED placements.

Standard diameter is 40 inches. Custom sizes are available by special order.

LED Colors
Solid colors - Red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink, white


Strobe - A whitish color at rest, multi-color bands when moved. A great effect!

Rainbow - Cycles through 6 colors at 1/4 second intervals.

Fade - 6 colors that fade from one to the next at approximately 2 second intervals.

All-Light - 28 different mind-blowing modes!
See the full list   See a video trailer
Diameter: 40 inches (102 cm)  Custom sizes are available!
Tubing size: 3/4 or 7/8 inch (19 or 22 mm)
Weight: 3/4 inch = 14 oz. (396 g)   7/8 inch = 1 lb. (453 g)
# of LEDs: 2
Power: 3 x LR-43 batteries per LED (included!)
Battery life: About 8 hours
Collapsible: Yes
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