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You Are Here: Main Section - Contact Juggling - Sil-X Implosion Ball
Sil-X Implosion Ball
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Sil-X Implosion Ball
Our Price: $8.00 USD
Normal Price: $12.00 USD
You Save: $4.00 USD
% Saved: 33.33%



Sil-X: The ultimate juggling ball.

Sil-X balls are soft stage balls with a very special feature: 1/3 of its internal volume is filled with a special liquid silicone. What does this mean for juggling? These balls are super-stable on high throws and make foot / head catches and rolling tricks much easier. The principle is similar to the popular Russian balls but because the liquid at the center slides perfectly inside the ball so that even when the ball is thrown with a spin it doesn't wobble in the air. The liquid is injected through a very small hole allowing the use of an almost invisible plastic tapered pin as a plug.

Look at the colors, man! Sil-X Implosion balls use the same technology as regular Sil-X balls, but the shell of the ball is clear and the liquid silicone is colored! Not only do they have great motion control, but they're also really cool to look at.

This special liquid silicone is totally non-toxic (normally used in the food industry as a lubricant), and therefore totally safe. The outer shell of the ball is rotary molded with a deep set hole that holds the �invisible plug� firmly in place.

Note to curious jugglers: Although the plug can be removed and is extremely hard to push into the ball, you should not force it inside--if you do, it can't be repaired and the ball will lose its special qualities.

Not sure which stage ball is right for you? Consult our buyer's guide
Unavailable Options / Combinations
Color: UV Green
Size: 100mm (4 inches)
Color: Blue
Size: 100mm (4 inches)
Color: UV Orange
Size: 67mm (2.5 inches)
Color: Transparent (clear liquid)
Size: 100mm (4 inches)
Color: UV Green
Size: 78mm (3 inches)
Color: Blue
Size: 78mm (3 inches)
Diameter: 67, 78, 100mm (2.5, 3, 4 inches)
Weight: 110, 156, 300g (3.9, 5.5, 10.6 ounces)
Bounce: None
Shell: Molded clear silicone
Filling: Clear or colored liquid silicone (33% of total volume)
Made by: Play Juggling
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