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Our Price: $9.95 USD
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Utilizing elements of popular toys like the KenDama and Yo-Yo, the RingDama builds on those concepts by making the toy a part of you. By placing the ring on your finger, it becomes an extension of your body.

The RingDama consists of four parts: the ball, the ring, the string, and the adjustable strap. The cup straps firmly to your finger with a comfortable strap, and is also connected to the cup with a pliable 18″ string. The length of the string allows you to swing the ball in any direction, and the cupís multi-groove base is specially crafted to allow you to catch the ball with infinite possibilities.

Itís more than just a game. The RingDama provides satisfying flow techniques, impressive trick opportunities, and even has zen-like meditative effects. The best part is that the RingDama accommodates all skill levels.

Recommended for players ages 8 & up
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