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You Are Here: Main Section - Poi & Such - Poi Attachments - Poi Glowball
Poi Glowball
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Poi Glowball
Our Price: $10.00 USD
Normal Price: $18.00 USD
You Save: $8.00 USD
% Saved: 44.44%



More colors! More options! Great price! Glowballs give you all these and more. Check out these great features:

  • Made from soft, hollow plastic for low-pain whappage
  • Battery powered - no recharging hassles. And batteries are included!
  • Now available in a larger 100mm size (4.0 inches) for more glow

    Not sure which type of Glowballs are best for you? Consult our Glowball buyer's guide

    Solid colors - Red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink, white


    Strobe - A whitish color at rest, multi-color bands when moved. A great effect!

    Rainbow - Cycles through 6 colors at 1/4 second intervals.

    Fade - 6 colors that fade from one to the next at approximately 2 second intervals.

    All-Light - 28 different mind-blowing modes!
    See the full list   See a video trailer

    Leashes sold separately.

    Glowballs are sold individually.
  • Power - 3 x LR-43 batteries (included!)
  • Battery life - about 8 hours
  • Diameter - 70mm (2.75 inch) OR 100mm (4.o inches)
  • Weight - 3.5 ounces (70mm) OR 6.0 ounces (100mm)
  • Customer Reviews (view all)

    Average Rating 5

    Aimee Brooks, Rated: 5

    These balls are awesome!

    I currently own 5 glowballs and I love them. I first ordered 3 poi balls in white, purple, and blue. When I got the package and opened it, I thought for a moment that somebody had made a mistake because there were three white balls looking back at me, amidst the packing peanuts. But my worries quickly evaporated once I got them out and started playing. The colours are only apparent once you switch the balls on, and then they look awesome when you spin with them. I liked the first 3 balls so much that I eventually ordered two more in green and orange, and intend to add other colours to my prop collection. These balls are well worth the money, and are great for everyone from professionals to beginners. I recommend them to beginners because they are softer and hurt a lot less to hit yourself with than something hard like a glowstick or even a Streetlight. They're durable too. I've dropped mine, hit them together, and tossed them into a knapsack and they still work, no problems. I definitely recommend these balls to anyone who wants to spin and juggle and look great doing it.

    Kimberly hewitt, Rated: 5

    Ms. Greylone

    At first i was not impressed but then i started playing with them. The Multi colored ones are great. I had to fight people off to have a chance to show off. Great stuff. Worth it!!!!!

    Anonymous, Rated: 5

    Really cool soft balls!!

    I bought the multi colored ball and they are fantastic!! Everyone loves seeing them spin and they do not hurt when you hit yourself. Tthe only bummer part is that the batteries don't last as long.. Oh well!! Enjoy them.

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