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You Are Here: Main Section - Poi & Such - Quantum Leashes
Quantum Leashes
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Quantum Leashes
Our Price: $50.00 USD


Color / Sequence Information:

Leash clips:

Strap Size:

"I used these in a show and the crowd went nuts! It was like being a rock star!"

You love the way Streetlights look when you put them on the ends of your poi. Imagine that the "string bits" are made from Streetlights, giving you multiple circles of differently-colored laser-like streaks.

Don't stop there.

Now, imagine being able to dangle and spin them at differing points to create patterns like these to dazzle your audience.

Imagine no more. Quantum Leashes are here!

Quantum Leashes feature connectors that are designed for quick & easy changing of configurations, allowing you to change colors, sizes, or even take them all apart for use as single attachments on regular poi. All Streetlights used in Quantum Leashes include Deflectors.

Available colors: Choose from any color of Streetlight Max. Total number of lights is the length x2 (e.g. a pair of 2-light Quantum Leashes uses 4 Streetlights).

We will ship your Quantum Leashes connected in the order you specify. Custom sizes, etc. are welcome. Contact us with any questions. Sold in pairs.

Visit our Image Gallery to see some spectacular action photos

These props are NOT for beginners.
Sold in pairs.
Length / Weight Specifications (per Leash)
  2 lights   62.8 cm   (210 grams)
  3 lights   86.4 cm   (306 grams)
  4 lights  111.1 cm  (403 grams)
Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 5

Aimee Brooks, Rated: 5

Gorgeous and worth waiting for!

I've been wanting a set of these for a long time, and I finally received a set for Christmas. They are amazing!

I ordered the 3-light set and found them to be quite heavy. Due to my short stature, I had to be careful not to let them skim the ground at certain points. However, once I took off the third stick on each leash, they sped up quite nicely.

I love the fact that these things can be taken apart and re-configured--lights can be switched around, and length adjusted.

That said, I will second the assessment that these props are NOT for beginning poi spinners. Even with deflectors, streetlights don't appreciate the repeated whacks that beginners tend to dish out. The leashes are also hard and on the heavy side, meaning if you whack yourself, it's going to hurt like nobody's business.

If you have some more experience though, pick a set of these up! You will be glad you did, they're awesome!

Brad Adams, Rated: 5

Crowd pleaser

I was at a rave in Brooklyn and some kids were spinning glow sticks. When the floor opened I just had to jump on. These things blew them away, the dancing stopped and for the time I was spinning these I was the star of the party, people actually thought I was a paid performer!
A little heavy so you'll tire out faster but that also helps with momentum.

Quantum Leashes really brought my act to a new level!

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