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Poi & Such
Poi & Such
Sections In Poi & Such
Poi Attachments
Glow, fire, and more--what's poi without something for the ends? We have a variety of attachments that are all compatible with our modular system, al...

Poi Books & Videos
Whether you're looking for lessons, inspiration, or both, we have the books and videos that will help you improve your skills and find new ideas.

Poi Accessories & Parts
Whether you're into do-it-yourself or you just want to change or upgrade part of your poi system, we have the parts & accessories you need to build ex...

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Chain Leashes

Chain Leashes
Our Price: $27.00 USD

Poi made from stainless steel "kinkless" ball chain. Ball chain is also easier to store and takes less care than cable.
Comet Leashes

Comet Leashes
Our Price: $25.00 USD

Poi Glowballs that light up the leash part, too!

Quantum Leashes

Quantum Leashes
Our Price: $50.00 USD

"I used these in a show and the crowd went nuts! It was like being a rock star!" Now using Streetlight Max and Max RGB!
String Leashes

String Leashes
Our Price: $16.00 USD

As the lightest and fastest material for poi, string allows for easier body wrap moves and offers no risk of kinking.

Fiber Flipper

Fiber Flipper
Our Price: $20.00 USD

The lowest-skill LED poi-like objects we can find.
Glow Meteor

Glow Meteor
Our Price: $60.00 USD

More length, more glow, more options for mind-blowing tricks.

Micro Leashes

Micro Leashes
Our Price: $6.00 USD

These finger-length Leashes are designed for working in close quarters, such as at raves or even a crowded bus stop.
Fire Poi Starter Kit

Fire Poi Starter Kit
Our Price: $65.00 USD

Start burning poi and stop burning your money! This kit has what you need to get started with fire at a savings of 20% off the regular price.

Poi Starter Kit

Poi Starter Kit
Our Price: $60.00 USD

Begin your poi career with this all-in-one kit and save over 20%!

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