Nunchaku Safety

Nunchaku are tons of fun to work with, and they can be very impressive to audiences. It doesn't take too long to be able to do some pretty cool stuff with them. However, not everyone thinks they're that great, particularly law enforcement agencies. The information on this page is vital to anyone considering working with nunchaku or other martial arts weapons.

Legal Issues

Nunchaku and other weapons are illegal to own in some states. Please check with your local authorities for more details. Neon Husky sells nunchaku for the purpose of artistic swinging or display only. They are not intended for use as weapons. Neon Husky assumes no responsibility for any legal trouble you may get yourself into.

Now that we're past that, here are some tips for hassle-free swinging.

  1. Doing a street show using nunchaku could be very risky. If the police don't get after you, some punk with a lot of attitude will. Know your performance area.
  2. If you practice in a public place (like a park), either get friendly with your local police department or don't practice nunchaku moves where you may be spotted and hassled by the police.
  3. It seems silly, but you may save yourself a lot of hassles by inquiring about getting a permit for the use of hand weapons such as nunchaku.

Efforts are being made to allow for a difference between street-use weapons and display-only or artistic-use weapons. The path will be a long one, and in all fairness that may be wise. If I were a police officer, I don't know that I'd want to determine what kind of weapon someone was carrying past me. But as the realm of "acceptable art" expands, these are issues which must be dealt with. Stay tuned for developments as they arise.


The padded & lightweight flavors of nunchaku are not overly dangerous, but you could conceivably injure yourself if you're not careful. Other types of nunchaku can be lethal weapons. You can severely injure or even kill yourself or someone else with heavier, more solid nunchaku. No matter which type you use, please exercise extreme caution when using these items.

To help you avoid injury, here are some tips in addition to other sefety tips that appear elsewhere on the Neon Husky site.

Bottom line: nunchaku are fantastic fun. After just a little practice, one can acquire the "Zen" and it feels like you're dancing with the props. It's a great feeling. Taking the time to be a little more careful will make that experience positive at every stage.

Happy swinging!

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