Need more information about Mentos® and diet soda? Here's some...

A Brief History of the Phenomenon

Way back in the dark ages, this experiment was performed using wintergreen Life Savers. However, when the manufacturer of the candies changed the diameter making them larger than the opening of the 2-liter bottle, a substitute was needed. Enter Mentos®!

What does it teach?

Watch the original video from 2005 that started the sensation

How to Perform This Experiment

  1. You’ll need a 2-liter bottle of diet soda (diet doesn’t make a sticky mess) and an outdoor location for our geyser. Select a flat surface on the lawn or driveway to place the bottle.
  2. Start by tying one end of the string to the trigger pin (the string might already be attached to the pin).
  3. Open the bottle of soda and attach the Geyser Tube. Put the trigger pin into the hole at the base of the Geyser Tube.
  4. Twist off the top cap on the Geyser Tube and drop 7 MENTOS® candies into the tube. The trigger pin will keep the candy from falling into the soda… before you’re ready. Replace the twist-on cap.
  5. Warn everyone to stand back. Countdown… 3-2-1… and pull the trigger. The Mentos® will drop and the soda will go flying into the air!
  6. Pour out the remaining soda and take a look at the Mentos®. You can see where the soda has eaten away at the surface of the candy. No need to waste the candy… they still taste great.


You’ll notice that there is still some soda left in the bottom of the bottle. Twist off the Geyser Tube and taste the soda. Besides tasting minty fresh, you’ll probably notice that all of the bubbles of carbon dioxide are gone (the soda is flat). Cool, huh?

Science Project Ideas Using the Geyser Tube

Display examples of independent variables by asking these questions (choose only ONE variable to test at a time, so they stay independent)

Geyser Tube is a Steve Spangler Science creation. Patent Pending. Mentos® is a registered trademark of Perfetti Van Melle B.V.