Motivational TalksThe art of infinite possibilities

Inspiration, improvisation, and passon are what guide us along the path to success. Jim’s compelling talks move audiences to energize, emerge, and excel!


Perspective is what separates adversity from opportunity. How we respond to situations determines how we react to them, and those reactions are what cause us to succeed or fail. Jim Dorman is not just a motivator, he’s a teacher who helps others realize that the power for positive change is within each person and gives them the tools to bring those changes into reality.

Most people think of disability as a burden or a tragedy; a tiny box that limits options and denies opportunity. Jim doesn’t just teach thinking ‘outside the box’, he inspires listeners to ask, “What box?” His story of adaptation and perseverence demonstrates that what most people consider limitation is actually a gateway to possibility. His blindness has changed his life for the better, allowing him to explore opportunities and make discoveries that never would have existed otherwise.  Jim’s mission is to help others turn their challenges into opportunities.

Lessons From And For Real Life

Jim teaches that while we should all be reaching for the stars, it’s important to stay firmly grounded in reality. His response to the adage, “when life gives you lemons…” is, “…take them and be glad you got something for free.” He will inspire you to chase your dreams while using practical and realistic skills to help them come true.

A Variety of Topics

Here are just some of the topics available. All of these can be mixed & matched to make the perfect fit for your needs.

Strategies For Success

Creating success in any endeavor requires a lot of things, including giving yourself permission to succeed. Envisioning & planning, time management, communication, and maintaining focus for the long haul are all essential for success in both business and personal development. Each audience receives tools and real-world examples of how to apply them to unlock their limitless potential!

Improving Through Improv’ing

Life is full of random events.  We are most often taught that everything must follow the plan, and anything else is ‘wrong’ or not productive.  But when we look at the goals more than the process, we discover a new universe filled with possibilities!  By utilizing fun and imaginative scenarios, groups learn creative problem-solving and collaboration skills that are useful in all aspects of life.

Busting Myths About Disability

From proper etiquette to answering those awkward questions, Jim educates audiences about living with disability so they know how to act responsibly and respectfully, without fear of the unknown or of doing or saying the wrong thing.  He also speaks about the benefits of hiring disabled workers and how to make that process both productive and positive.

Tuning In By Turning Off

Human beings are real, and we live in a real world.  While things like the internet and social media are useful tools, they cannot provide many of the benefits of reality-based living.  Jim offers strategies for balancing these two worlds, helping them to enhance one another while embracing and building community involvement.

Performance, Confidence, and Stagecraft

Jim has been working in show business for nearly 40 years both on-stage and backstage.  He’s been an actor, a juggler, a musician, and a tour guide.  His creative exercises and lessons can help everyone communicate more effectively and be more engaging, whether speaking to a large crowd or just a few friends.

Every talk is specifically designed to serve the needs of each client, mixing concepts and lessons to create the most effective and engaging experience for the audience.  Their enjoyment is Jim’s highest priority!